I guess I was Wrong! Winter is Back…

IMG_1013Well, two weeks into spring, we finally had two consecutive days of warm and sunny weather, flirting with the low 60F, and the snow started to melt and the grass began to show. Needless to say, I could not wait to tuck away my dreary winter clothes and really get ready for spring.

Spring is always a tricky time of year. One day it’s wet and blustery and all you want to do is stay home next to a fire with a good book, and the next the sun is out, birds are singing, and you’re heading out to the farmers’ market to pick up local products. At this unpredictable time of year, nothing is granted.

Further proof of that? We woke up this morning with an inch of snow, temperature in the 20F and relentless wind. But, you know what? I love it!

IMG_1019 IMG_1026 IMG_1028