Skating on Mirror Lake

Skating, for me, has always been a challenge.

As a kid, I was daredevil enough to put on skates, go full speed on a rink and ram into other skaters because I had no clue how to stop!

Nowadays, this is more about avoiding to fall and breaking any part of my ageing body!


On the Loop

That being said, I had always wanted to go skating on the lake, especially this formidable loop that the village prepares for the winter. I believe it’s the third winter people can enjoy skating on the loop, as before, The Parks Department only cleared a space for hockey and general skating near the town beach.

Well, it was rough and difficult (for me, as a beginner) but enjoyable, as we met families, kids and elders, all appreciating the views and the warm day on the lake.



No need to say More

Yesterday afternoon, on Mirror Lake, getting out the Palace Theater and seeing this…

IMG_1309… while, early this morning, jogging in Henry’s woods to this beautiful view of Lake Placid.


Enough said!

A Holiday Celebration

Sitting on the Crowne Plaza lawns, waiting for the fireworks to begin, I was thinking: Is there a better way to celebrate our national Holiday?

IMG_2428From the views of Mirror Lake, the music from the speakers, kids playing around, everything was perfect. Even the weather gave us a break, after the record-breaking rainy days of late June!


Mirror Lake and the Marathon

Today is my birthday, and to help the celebration, the sun came back!

After our hike of yesterday, today was the time to relax and enjoy the beauties of Lake Placid, starting with Mirror Lake, the smaller of the village two lakes. Still, with the sight of the peaks on the horizon, it remains a great place to be.

IMG_2164IMG_2170Then, after a short jog around the lake, it was time to go support the runners of the Lake Placid marathon, with an impressive field of runners from around the world. Go check the marathon website.