Cobble Lookout: views, views… and views!

Following on our theme of easier and shorter hikes around Lake Placid, we elected to spend an hour on Cobble Lookout trail, two weekends ago.

Constructed in the fall of 2014, this new trail has become very popular because it is only one mile with little climbing to a spectacular view of the Ausable Valley and the surrounding mountains.  In the contest for “best view for the least effort”, this hike is at or near the top.

Although snow had not totally melted, snowshoeing was not needed and we didn’t use our spikes either. From the trailhead, an old road leads up gradually to an old quarry.  Past the quarry, the trail is flat for a few yards before turning up and left and climbing in stages.  Then, the trail is mostly flat or gently rolling to the ledge at 1.1 mi. from the trailhead.

IMG_1939IMG_1940Santa’ Workshop is directly below the ledge with Wilmington further below.  The great bulk of Whiteface and Esther are to the right with Giant Mt. and other high peaks straight ahead.


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