Another lesser-known Peak

End of Winter – early Spring, we like to kick-off our hiking program by picking easier hikes, or selecting less crowded trails. Last weekend, under beautiful skies and a shining sun, we decided to hike another 46er: Table Top.

Table Top Mountain has three summits with its southern peak as its highest at 4427 feet, making this mountain the 19th highest in the Adirondacks. It is likely one of the most massive but not well-known peaks because it has no marked trail that leads to the main summit, although there is now a new trail, created by the ADK 46ers.

We started from the Loj, then to the dam, then onto the Van Hoevenberg Trail, went past the Phelps trail junction, and up the Indian Falls trail, when, less than a mile after the Phelps junction, we found the newly created trail to Table Top.

Although it is a herd path, it is quite easy to follow.  The entire hike is actually relatively easy, with no extremely difficult sections. As we started to get near the summit plateau, it began to look like winter. There was a little snow and rime ice in the trees.  We wore micro spikes for traction.  No snowshoes or crampons were necessary.

Algonquin, Boundary and Iroquois from Table Top

On the top, a large plateau greets you with perfect views of Algonquin and Colden north-west, a good view of Phelps and a great view of Marcy. We stayed there for a while, enjoying our lunch while staring at the mountains all around.

This is not as popular as other summit hikes but we still enjoyed it. It was one of the easier high peaks to climb since there were no sections of the trail that posed any great difficulty, a perfect choice to get back in shape.

Marcy from Table Top


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