A long due visit to the Bobsled Experience

Sometime ago, when we were just visiting Lake Placid and the Olympic sites, we went up Mt Van Hoevenberg to visit the Olympic track, where all bobsleigh, luge and skeleton races are held. I always wanted to experience it but it never was on top of our list.

So, when our family came visiting from abroad, it just became the right thing to do. Before going there, we all checked the Lake Placid website, where all is explained: “If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be an Olympic slider, this is the place to start. Bobsled rides, with a professional driver and brakeman, begin at the half-mile point on the track and wind through turns known by sliders the world over. You’ll feel the rumble of the sled thundering down the track. You’ll speed through one turn, bank high on the next one and pick up speed on the straightaway. You’ll go faster than you’re allowed to drive a car through town. Then you’ll get to the bottom and want to do it again.”

At least, we knew what to expect. Well, it went fast. Really fast! Average speed about 55mph, a total elapsed time of 47:85s, but it felt like it was quite longer than that, given all the turns, the back and forth from one side of the track to the other side. A rare treat! Worth doing again. You can watch it here. If only, we could do it from the top…