Paddling Lower Saranac Lake

The Saranac Lakes are a combined team of three lakes (Upper, Middle and Lower) connected by the Saranac River. On Sunday, we decided to go test the hyper-light canoes from Placid Boatworks on the lower lake. We have been planning a multi-day trip on lakes for a while, and it was time to try options.

IMG_2070 IMG_2081Fresh water, especially here in the Adirondacks, often requires portages and open topped canoes are lighter than decked boats. They are also easier to load with gear, and easier to enter. So, they seem like the natural choice for us. Lucie tried the 10′ Spitfire and I embarked on the 14′ Rapidfire. We wanted a quiet paddle around Saranac Lake and experience the primal pleasure of being the only human around for miles.

We were not disappointed. Both boats are quick, easy to maneuver and so stable. And the best was yet to come: At around 15lbs, they are so light that you can take them out of the water with only one hand. IMG_2083


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