A Heck of a Race!

Spring has finally come and it’s time to celebrate. Daffest returned to Saranac Lake, last Friday, with a kick-off party at the Blue Moon Cafe (that we like so much). This is the fifth annual daffodil-themed celebration of spring festival, and it has steadily grown each year.

The whole community jumped right in, and, after the long winter, it was great to see the daffodils blooming. There were plenty of events, ranging from the “Canvas, Cake and Cocktails”, “Try Mine Pastry Contest”, to the “Festival of the Blooms” and a pie eating contest, among others.

Daffest_Derby_Logo_2_Flags_But, the real treat is the Daffest derby, an old-fashioned soap box derby race. The police closed the LaPan highway, from 7AM to 4PM on Saturday. Locals brought 600 bales of hay, and the racing festivities began around 8AM with the safety checks, followed by the trial runs. The race started at 11AM and lasted more than 90 minutes, as there were a lot of kids (in 4 categories: 5-to-8, 9-to-12, 13-to-15, and 16 and up), coming from Tupper Lake, Lake Placid, Malone, Massena and even Plattsburgh.

Needless to say, it was a lot of fun.

Concentrating before the start

Concentration before the start

Waiting for the green light

Waiting for the green light

Full speed

Full speed

Finish Line

Finish Line

The fastest (in my book!)

The fastest (in my book!)


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