Going back to Indian Head



A few weeks back, we made our first attempt to Indian Head, under snowy conditions. With snow up our waist, we had much difficulty to reach our destination. So, we decided to try again, and, on Saturday, we visited the incredible sights of Indian Head.


Gothics Window

Indian Head is perched between the peaks of the Great Range and the Pinnacle Range and fully within the boundaries of the Adirondack Mountain reserve. The best way to enjoy the hike is to do a loop out of the available trails and open up the opportunity to see the numerous waterfalls of Gill Brook on the way out.

We started our long walk along Lake Road for more than 3 miles, and met a couple of deers, then went right along the Ausable River, before going around the mountain and starting our climb. On our way up there, we took a side trail right to “Gothics Window,” a perfectly framed “window” of Gothics.

Heading back onto the trail, we climbed an icy ladder and moved along multiple switchbacks. We broke through the trees and there before us was an incredible unobstructed view above the Lower Ausable Lake. The high peaks rise sharply around the Lake framing out a view like none other in the Adirondacks. We stayed for some time here taking photos and gazing at the morning lights. We could have stayed for hours in this place without growing bored. On our descent, we followed the Gill Brook Trail which gives a nice helping of waterfalls and cascades to please the eyes and ears.

This short day hike to Indian Head is definitely one that we will repeat many times over.IMG_2020



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