Spring is here! Really?

IMG_0956  Spring is a breath of fresh air in the Adirondacks! After a long and cold winter, we embrace the warmer rays of sun. While we love our winter activities, we welcome the sounds of birds chirping and rustling leaves, letting us know warmer weather is on the horizon. It is time for us to pull up an Adirondack chair, sit on our porch, and watch nature at its best!

I love Spring in the Adirondacks because we often have the vast forests, thousands of lakes, little shops and sought-after entertainment all to ourselves. The North Woods are just waking up from the long winter, the palette is a thrilling pale green, and the sky filled with skeins of geese, flying home for the summer. And although the days are warm, Whiteface is often (as its name suggests) still white and the ski trails are open.

As for weather? Well, April is also known as Mud Season to the locals, because that’s when the snow is melting and the mud is flowing… A few days ago, we experienced another afternoon of flurries. But, today, the sun made a welcome return for April’s Fool, after two days of playing hide and seek. And, all along our home, ice is melting, leaving wonderful sculptures everywhere.IMG_0982IMG_0984


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