Ever heard of Indian Head?

After so many years hiking in the High Peaks, it seems we’ve exhausted all of our options for new trails towards great destinations. But, looking at our High Peaks map this morning, I spotted a trail we’d never tested before. So, we decided to test the Indian Head trail as our first Spring hike.

Indian Head is a rocky peak, directly above Lower Ausable Lake, that offers excellent views of both Ausable lakes, Nippletop, Mt Colvin, Sawteeth, and much of the Great Range. That was our destination for the day. After all, it’s only Spring and we needed to prepare ourselves for much harder hikes.


Beaver Meadows Fall

Hiking along the Ausable River, on the West trail going in, was easy except for the snow, sometimes waist deep, that required putting on our snowshoes. We hiked to the famous (and frozen) Beaver Meadows Falls. What a scenery! Then we crossed over the river towards our destination.

As soon as on the East trail, we realized nobody (I really mean NOBODY!) had opened the trail towards Indian Head for quite a while. Snow was as immaculate as it would be when it fell. We ended up opening a 2-mile trail with thigh-deep snow under a very shy sun. Many times, we wondered about continuing on this uncertain path… Well, needless to say, it was an unforgettable experience, especially for us getting back to hiking after a lengthy and cold winter.

We finally made it, enjoyed the views and the overall experience. But, Spring hiking in the Adirondacks? Be ready for many surprises…

Crossing the Ausable River

Crossing the Ausable River

Uncharted territory

Uncharted territory


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