The real foodie needs to stop at Liquids and Solids

While the name may suggest that Liquids & Solids has basic offerings, the thirsty or hungry person is in for anything but basic; it’s upscale food and drink in a laid-back atmosphere.

19937-0Last Saturday night, the town was crawling with out-of-towners. It was a little quieter at L&S, just off the beaten path. Inside, a very compelling bar almost snagged us, but we went directly to one of the high-tops in the center of the long room.

We began with a round of drinks from the “liquids” page and the separate beer menu. Even though we didn’t taste the specialty drinks, everybody knows they are most intriguing.

Now for the solids. The eclectic menu of many tantalizing small and large plate dishes is perfect for trying many things, and especially for sharing. You can pick from Italian-style white bean and kale soup, grits, crispy polenta, Caesar salad, beet and orange salad and fried Brussels sprouts.

We tried the Brussels sprouts, one of the unexpected delights of the menu, quartered, flash-fried until the outer leaves were slightly crispy, tossed with olive oil and capers. There was little or no bitterness associated with sprouts.

To complete our meal, we moved to the “big” plates (rabbit crepinette with lentils, beef heart ragout with gnocchi, meat loaf). Tasty, surprising (where else can you find a rabbit-based meal in the USA?), we only regretted we could not pick more from the various options, from burgers and fries to scrapple, oxtail, beef hearts, duck confit, and oysters.

Desserts (“Solids-Sweets”) followed the over-the-top adventurous theme. Expresso crème brulee was as rich and decadent as it sounds. Dinner for three cost $120, everything included (drinks and tip).

Much credit is due to chef/owner Tim Loomis and his business partner, Keegan Konkoski, the competent and adventuresome mixologist. These two very talented risk-takers have a restaurant that would send any foodie into a frenetic frenzy. It got them referenced in this piece from the NY Times.


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