Starting the other 54

Lake Placid, home of the Olympics and of the High Peaks! We enjoy every minute we spend here; there are so many activities for the outdoor enthusiast.

After hiking most of the High Peaks, we’ve tried some other challenges (see previous post on the Saranac Lake 6ers). We’re not Adirondack 46ers yet (too many peaks and not enough time) but we’ve decided to mix our long hikes with shorter and less-known ones.

We’ve already climbed Noonmark, Hurricane, Round, and yesterday we added Moose on our list.

Moose is found north-east of McKenzie Mountain (which we had climbed two weekends ago) just outside of Lake Placid. The Shore Owners Association (SOA) maintains a series of trails in the area, some leading to Moose and McKenzie. Starting at the docks of the Whiteface Inn, you follow the lake. The trail goes around majestic private properties and then enters the woods.

The trail is very moderate to start with, with only a few steep pitches here and there. Then it turns into an area that was totally devastated by a winter storm back in the 90’s. Trees are down, most of them across the trail. Your hike transforms into a “steeple-chase”, each tree an obstacle to your progress.


We finally made it to the last climb, a steep (but short) one before enjoying many views back toward Lake Placid and the High Peaks. Another mountain worth the visit!


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