First snow

End of October, we went hiking McKenzie Mountain. We are on our way to become an official Saranac Lake Sixer. To do just that, you need to climb all 6 of the following mountains:

  • McKenzie Mt (Elevation 3822′)
  • Ampersand Mt (Elevation 3353′)
  • Scarface Mt (Elevation 3054′)
  • St Regis Mt (Elevation 2874′)
  • Haystack Mt (Elevation 2864′)
  • Baker Mt (Elevation 2452′)

Obviously, this is not anything to compare to the Adirondack 46ers, but I like the marketing idea of putting together another “mountain club”.462828_687340943179_411781325_o

We’ve already hiked Haystack and Ampersand, so McKenzie seemed to be the most logical next choice. It’s the highest peak of the 6ers, visible from many locations in Saranac Lake, and easily recognizable due to its 2-peak shape.

The hike is pretty easy at the start, under the forest, and becomes very steep at the very end (the last 45mn can be difficult, especially with 3 inches of snow making the last climb quite slippery). Views from the top are widespread, from Whiteface Mountain to the north to Mount Marcy to the south. A ledge to the west of the trail offers views of the village of Saranac Lake while another one on the east does the same for the village of Lake Placid.

It was an enjoyable experience, on a less traveled path.


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