Summer Encounter

Last weekend, on our way to our weekend hike, we crossed the path of a turtle. As the summer is still struggling to find his way up here, the turtles were busy laying eggs. As usual, the most impressive of the species were the snappers.

IMG_2266Whoever claims turtles are slow creatures likely never tried to get a good photo of one. Turtles can move faster than a dollar sign at the gas pump, when they want to.

Snappers are distinctly prehistoric-looking creatures. They are all about body armor, and threats. Their snap is fearsome, and they use it to lop off the head of other creatures. Because of their small plastron, snappers are very vulnerable to prey. They are solitary creatures who communicate with mates by using leg signals. They can weigh up to 35 pounds, and they come with an attitude.

Be careful when meeting one. They are wonderful creatures to protect.


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