Take me out to the Ball Game

ChIMG_2258oosing to play baseball can be a turning point in a young person’s life. A handful of players will have the kind of talent and drive that will give them the opportunity to play the game professionally. That is clearly the vast minority. However, becoming a part of a team and getting outside and working to improve one’s skills can provide lessons that will pay off throughout a person’s life.

But, in Lake Placid, there is another (major) reason why to play America’s pastime. The views! On top of facing competitive pitchers, catchers face the views of the mountain range… How they can keep focusing on what’s going on on the field is still a mystery to me. Regardless, both teams were playing to their strengths, with an incredibly powerful pitcher on the blue side and resilience on the orange side…
Who won? I have no clue. Today was a lot of fun (at least for me) as I was trying to find out who to cheer for, under the menacing skies. Well, at the end, the best team won… isn’t it what we always say?
By slycio49

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