A weekend Biking under the Sun (and the Rain!)

This past weekend was the Wilmington Whiteface Bike Fest, the premier celebration of Adirondack cycling. The annual weekend of two-wheeled related events draws hundreds of amateur and professional racers eager to test their skills in the Wilmington/Whiteface 100k race.


Even though we didn’t participate in the event, on our own bike tours, we had the opportunity to meet with many of the racers. On Saturday, we went biking around Whiteface for about 45 miles. On Sunday, we went from Lake Placid to Keene and then along the Ausable river to Upper Jay and back to Wilmington for another 45 miles. Except, that time, it was under the pouring rain.

The thing is, in the region, biking is by no means easy. You are generally doing one thing at a time, for a relatively long time: climbing, descending, or riding the flats. You just have to be prepared for the mental challenges that come with the ride… Never dull!



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