Take me out to the Ball Game

ChIMG_2258oosing to play baseball can be a turning point in a young person’s life. A handful of players will have the kind of talent and drive that will give them the opportunity to play the game professionally. That is clearly the vast minority. However, becoming a part of a team and getting outside and working to improve one’s skills can provide lessons that will pay off throughout a person’s life.

But, in Lake Placid, there is another (major) reason why to play America’s pastime. The views! On top of facing competitive pitchers, catchers face the views of the mountain range… How they can keep focusing on what’s going on on the field is still a mystery to me.┬áRegardless, both teams were playing to their strengths, with an incredibly powerful pitcher on the blue side and resilience on the orange side…
Who won? I have no clue. Today was a lot of fun (at least for me) as I was trying to find out who to cheer for, under the menacing skies. Well, at the end, the best team won… isn’t it what we always say?
By slycio49

On the Lake

The Adirondack Lakes Region is one of the most unique areas in New York State, offering a staggering number of waterways to explore. Today was time for us to paddle Lake Placid from the main marina.

We rented two kayaks from the PBR folks, and went up the lake following first the east shore up to the Whiteface landing, and back down along the West shore to the Whiteface Club and then back. Three hours of easy paddling while exploring the wilderness on the lake, followed by a loon, seemingly not too afraid of us.


By slycio49

A weekend Biking under the Sun (and the Rain!)

This past weekend was the Wilmington Whiteface Bike Fest, the premier celebration of Adirondack cycling. The annual weekend of two-wheeled related events draws hundreds of amateur and professional racers eager to test their skills in the Wilmington/Whiteface 100k race.


Even though we didn’t participate in the event, on our own bike tours, we had the opportunity to meet with many of the racers. On Saturday, we went biking around Whiteface for about 45 miles. On Sunday, we went from Lake Placid to Keene and then along the Ausable river to Upper Jay and back to Wilmington for another 45 miles. Except, that time, it was under the pouring rain.

The thing is, in the region, biking is by no means easy. You are generally doing one thing at a time, for a relatively long time: climbing, descending, or riding the flats. You just have to be prepared for the mental challenges that come with the ride… Never dull!


Mirror Lake and the Marathon

Today is my birthday, and to help the celebration, the sun came back!

After our hike of yesterday, today was the time to relax and enjoy the beauties of Lake Placid, starting with Mirror Lake, the smaller of the village two lakes. Still, with the sight of the peaks on the horizon, it remains a great place to be.

IMG_2164IMG_2170Then, after a short jog around the lake, it was time to go support the runners of the Lake Placid marathon, with an impressive field of runners from around the world. Go check the marathon website.

Hiking Big Slide

We really enjoy hiking the peaks, but on Saturday, it was difficult to trust the weather, with dark clouds and wind coming from the North.

Big Slide was our target, because it’s is a gem, we were told. Amazing views from the Three Brothers and the unique experiences of Klondike Notch all make this peak even more of award to those adventuring out for a longer day.IMG_2346

So we went, despite the rain and muddy trails. We really enjoyed it, spending 5 hours (half of it to reach the summit) in the forest and on the cliffs, before coming back through the John Brooks Lodge, making a loop of about 8 miles.

Really enjoyable! We recommend it.